iso 9001

The ISO 9001 standard sets a high standard of business management and customer service. In our work we are oriented to the needs of our clients, we guarantee high quality of translations and we are constantly improving the way Skrivanek works.

iso 14001

The received certificate EN ISO 14001: 2004 proves the ecological commitment of our company, including the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials in business, waste sorting and responsible printing of the necessary documents.

The ISO 27001 standard certifies the relevant information security management. Every day we work with documents and information, often classified. We want all our employees to realize how much responsibility we all have, especially when working with translations for our clients.

The EN 17100 standard introduces guidelines and requirements for the translation service so as to maintain the highest quality of translation, corresponding to, for example, the bodies of the European Union.

The ISO 18587 standard defines “the process requirements for full, human post-editing of machine translation results and the competencies of post-editors”. This allows our clients to translate documents for which there was no time or budget before. The goal is to produce a text with a quality similar to that of a human translation.