Efficiency and confidentiality

Our interpreters for business meetings translate short segments of the conversation for all participants at once.

ADVANTAGES of skrivanek

• A wide network of branches in Europe and around the world allows us to provide a professional interpreter at home and when travelling abroad.
• We have years of experience and professional translators in more than 50 language combinations
• Fast and accurate, without time delays

We offer solutions for medical briefings, patient consultations, meetings with Boards and clients, staff training or novelty presentations.

We can also do more for your business meeting or training:


This type of interpreting approaches the specificity of consecutive interpreting. The difference is that the communication takes place over the telephone. The interpreter can be present on the spot or join the conversation via a conference call.


We provide an interpreter for a business meeting abroad.
It is more convenient and more profitable to order an interpreter for the city where you will have a business meeting. It will be provided on the spot without paying the extra travel, daily and possibly visa costs for an accompanying interpreter from Bulgaria.


The interpreter accompanies the client on trips and business meetings. The service is very similar in content to consecutive translation. The difference lies in the smaller workload, less specific terminology, more informal environment. We save your time by showing your business guests instead of you the historical sights, cultural monuments in the destinations specified by the client. Without limiting ourselves to European languages, we have specialist philologists fluent in different languages, with a good knowledge of our historical heritage, and who are familiar with the ethical norms and specifics of different nations.


If you need help with interpreting in everyday situations, such as communicating with government or municipal institutions, filing documents, etc., assistant services are the right choice for you. Contact us and we will find the best solution!