The high success of the campaigns is the result of personal commitment to each contact.

  • Our telemarketers are not automated telephone operators but thinking people, able to adapt according to the circumstances and offer solutions rather than products and services. Our greatest strength is our knowledge and skills as a team and as individuals, in the long way we have come together, and the organisation we have created.
  • All colleagues are with university education and fluent in at least one foreign language (English, French, German). In our team there are specialists in marketing, business administration, sociology, information technologies;
  • The employees working in the telemarketing centre have high language and communication skills as well as considerable experience in telephone business contacts.
  • SKRIVANEK is specialized in language services and that enables us to quickly form teams of specialists in other fields and languages;
  • We are able to quickly initiate telemarketing campaigns and react to changing requirements.

Use telemarketing to attract customers, to increase your chances for sales to potential customers, and to pass potential clients to sales representatives. Rely on inbound telemarketing to attract clients, to arrange meetings with your sales team in order to generate sells, process orders and price quotes.

Our telemarketing experts contact actual and potential customers in order to sell products and services, analyse and improve the quality of enquiries from potential customers, prompt them to visit stores and showrooms and make appointments with sales representatives. They may inform your customers about special offers, as well as to direct their attention to more expensive products or services in order to increase profits.

  • from attracting potential customers;
  • Identifying of needs;
  • mail or e-mail follow-up;
  • developing of special offers and package services;
  • cross-selling;
  • subscription renewals;
  • and anything else to increase your sales and profit.

Our activities in data update are related mostly to telephone calls to key and potential clients and confirmation their company and contact data.

We can also be useful with:

  • list generation according to set criteria;
  • sending greeting cards and e-mails;
  • interviews over the telephone;
  • public opinion polls;
  • and what-not.
  • Organizing business meetings through client databases for arranging meetings with potential business clients;
  • Preparing of databases with companies according to criteria defined by the client, with the purpose of organizing of meetings and negotiations for cooperation;

We will cooperate with you for the organisation of your significant event with:

  • registration for participation in conferences, workshops, meetings;
  • confirmation calls for events organised by you;
  • initial calls and sending of event invitations;
  • making and sending greeting cards and invitations with follow-up telephone contact.
  • and if we missed something remind us.

If you think the time has come to revise your company strategy, you can let us know:

  • What is your development strategy?
  • What is your business philosophy?
  • Which industry does your strength lie in?
  • Who are your clients?
  • Which products do your clients benefit from most often?
  • What is the structure of your portfolio?

Here are some of them we can think of right now:

  • customer satisfaction survey;
  • comparative analysis of competition (benchmarking);
  • defining market share;
  • survey polls;
  • interest assessment following e-mail campaigns;

and we will leave the rest of the ideas to you.