Professional certified translation saves time and nerves.

The translation of official documents such as certificates, wills, marriage certificates, birth or death certificates and powers of attorney often requires the involvement of a certified translator.

The certified translation includes the translator’s statement that the translation corresponds to the document presented to him or her and is stamped with the official seal and signature of the translator.


The legalization procedure includes:

  • translation of the documents by a sworn translator;
  • their submission to the relevant institution;
  • certification of the original document in the ministries whose stamps are required;
  • payment of all necessary fees;
  • the translation is “attached” to the certified document;
  • certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thus, the document is now valid for presentation to the authorities of the respective country.

The deadlines for implementation are in accordance with the deadlines of the certifying authorities. 

For more details

Call us to get complete information about the rules for legalization and certification, the types of documents and in what form they can be certified and legalized, and also whether you need certification or legalization. A certified or sworn translation is usually required for legal documents and certificates that need to be presented to Bulgarian and foreign authorities or law enforcement institutions.
It may also be needed in the case of medical documentation or contracts and agreements.