Professional Translations

We translate into all European languages!

We translate any personal or company documents, printed materials or various tables and simple graphics. If the texts do not require knowledge of the specific industry, the translation is done very quickly. For the translation of such texts, the price is calculated on the basis of the number of words, so that the amount of the final invoice is clear immediately.

Other benefits of applying cost per word:

  • quick and easy calculation of each order, no need to use complex formulas;
  • possibility to compare prices. For example, there is no single definition of a ‘standard page’ in every industry, so the cost of translation may vary;
  • the editable format has a 100% guaranteed price before the order is placed;
  • 100% accuracy of the translation volume – no rounding is required in the calculation, so the customer does not pay for additional words.

Processing time

We can make ultra-fast translations in just a few hours or days. This is possible thanks to our many years of experience and the impressive team of translators.

 Ordinary deadline: one working day and more.

 Urgent deadline: up to 24 hours.