”Prevodacheska kashta Skrivanek” OOD processes personal data of individuals in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Personal Data Protection Act.


What personal data of our existing and potential clients do we process?

First and last name (so we know who we are communicating with);

Address (so we can send you, for example, the finished certified translation or a discount voucher);

Telephone number (we can call you during the translation and inform you about its early execution, for example);

E-mail address:

  1. If we are unable to contact you by phone, we may choose the written form of communication for the assigned order.
  2. To provide you with a questionnaire about your satisfaction with our service after the translation is completed;
  3. To enable you to receive information about new products, services, discounts or changes to our opening hours;
  4. To receive a nice wish for your holiday or information about a competition.


What principles do we follow when processing personal data?

– Personal data is always processed by us in accordance with the law and new EU legislation.

We do not process personal data without at least one legal basis. The processing of your personal data is transparent and fair. We inform data subjects (i.e. customers who are natural persons) whose personal data we process about how we protect the data during further processing, to whom we may provide your data and why (for example, the translator who will translate your criminal record must have access to your data).

– We only process customers’ personal data for lawful purposes, to the extent appropriate and to the extent necessary.

We do not need to know your age or job title to help you with the translation of a document. We are aware that we can only process your personal data to the extent necessary in accordance with the specific purpose of its use, and that you will always know what we do with it.

– We only store and process your personal data for as long as is strictly necessary for the purposes of processing it.

Skrivanek is the controller of your personal data and processes it only for the time necessary to fulfil the legal basis for processing it. As soon as this period has elapsed, we destroy the data in accordance with the data processing and protection rules.

– The processing of personal data is subject to rules guaranteeing its accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

Skrivanek manages information security (we have been maintaining the ISMS for a very long time), can protect personal data against unauthorized processing, alteration, misuse, damage, destruction or loss.


Your personal data may be processed on the following grounds:

– Performance of a contract to which you are a party as a customer (i.e. the Data Subject), or while we are negotiating in response to your enquiry;

– the performance of legal obligations to which we are subject as a data controller or processor (for example, under the Accountancy Act we have a duty to file invoices bearing the name or address of the data subject. Or training courses paid for by EU funds must be documented in the form of attendance sheets, where the student’s name is also present);

– consent to the processing of personal data (‘consent’ is a free, specific, informed and explicit expression of the data subject’s wishes by which the data subject indicates agreement to the processing of his or her personal data ),

  1. we will always tell you the specific purposes of the processing of your personal information and the time required for its processing;
  2. you can always withdraw your consent;
  3. you can always request the erasure of your personal information;

– the processing of personal data is unavoidable for the legitimate interest of Skrivanek (except where the legitimate interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of customers take precedence, especially if customers are children)

  1. If personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, the data subject (current and potential customer) has the right to object at any time to processing of personal data. If this objection is raised, his personal data will no longer be processed for this purpose (=> Article 12 of the Regulation).


How do we obtain personal information?

The personal data of individuals is obtained exclusively from the information provided voluntarily in contact with data subjects. Some personal data may be obtained from public registers or from websites of sites or business pages where individuals themselves publish their personal data and assume that it is publicly available with the consent of the customer. We do not maintain traffic of personal data and do not contact potential customers through the retrieval of personal data.

We acquire and process personal data of our customers mainly to fulfil legal or statutory obligations established by the legal order of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union. The secondary purpose is the functioning and development of the company in relation to our customers, in cases where the provision of personal data to third parties is unavoidable (for example, the language level of the student is provided to the lecturer or sending the finished order by e-mail). We also collect data to continually improve our service offering to meet the broadest needs of all existing and new customers.

Our priority is the security of your personal information. Back in 2012, we successfully certified our information security management system according to ISO/IEC 27001. So rest assured that your data is safe with us.

We protect information and personal data with state-of-the-art technology and comply with the standard, which is verified annually in internal and external audits.


Do we provide anyone with our customers’ personal information?

– Based on a legal requirement, we may provide your personal information to the following entities: government bodies, municipalities and public institutions if a legal obligation to provide arises.

– On the basis of our contractual obligations to our suppliers with whom we have processing contracts: a translator reads and translates your text. The lecturer can send you homework or a quiz by email.

– Based on our legitimate interest or your consent, we provide your data to a broadband email provider (with whom we have a processing agreement and ensure the security of your personal information to send our newsletter).


What rights do you have regarding your privacy?

Our customer has the right to be informed about the processing of his personal data so as to comply with the principle of transparency of data processing:

You have the right, among other things, to know…..

  1. the purpose of the processing (why we want your personal information);
  2. the identity of the controller (that’s us, SKRIVANEK);
  3. our legitimate interests (why we want to enable you to keep in touch and send a business message);
  4. the recipient of your personal data (don’t worry, we have contract processing agreements with suppliers and we choose them well).

See Articles 13 and 14 of the Regulation for a full list.

Other rights of customers whose personal data we process are based on your action (request):

  1. the right of access to personal data;
  2. the right to rectification; or completion;
  3. the right to erasure;
  4. the right to restrict processing;
  5. the right to data portability;
  6. the right to object;
  7. the right not to be subjected to automated individual decisions having legal or similar consequences, including profiling.

A more detailed description of the individual rights has been prepared by the Data Protection Commission, if you would like to take a closer look at them you can find them here.


What period for?

If you have read everything so far, you can learn that your personal data will only be processed for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, for example, from the time you consent to the processing until the contractual obligations have been completed or of the expiry of the legal grounds that entitle us to the processing.


Want to know more?

Contact: “Prevodacheska kashta Skrivanek” OOD  Sofia, 90 Vasil Levski Blvd., tel. 02/9443363

For enquiries about the protection of your personal data and its processing at Skrivanek,
please use the e-mail .


Sofia, 22.05.2018.