You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Introducing and pushing your products directly into foreign markets always carries a certain amount of risk.
Their first impression is also their last, so the names and messages they carry must be approached with extreme care. Your advertising slogan and product name will “speak” a foreign language in a different cultural environment. Before a brand makes its first appearance in a foreign market, it must be established how it will be perceived there to avoid unexpected interpretations.

At Skrivanek, we provide globalization consulting services to assist our business clients in defining, planning and implementing their global strategies in foreign markets. We approach the individual project from the perspective of business objectives, analyzing all potential problems to offer high-level solutions.


  • Language review of your current company and product names
  • Checking for potentially offensive or embarrassing language associations
  • Identifying similarities to other words in a language
  • Analyzing your logo for similarities or associations with other symbols;
  • Reviewing your source texts and assessing their suitability for a foreign audience
  • Checking the meaning and impact of your photos and illustrations within a specific cultural circle;

We evaluate brand and product names, sales literature and service descriptions in the context of the target market, identifying any potential language or cultural barriers.
We examine the meaning, impact, tone, content, format and any other characteristics of your communications from the perspective of the specific market and culture. As a result, you can avoid problems with unexpected customer responses, and your brand and product names appear in search engines in a form that is best optimized for the target market environment. Ensuring your brand is properly received in global markets can be achieved if you first make sure all communications follow this order:

o Simplify the message to facilitate seamless translation
o Write in a universally understandable way
o Avoid the use of idioms and trendy words and expressions
o Pay attention to local cultural norms and customs to avoid unwanted interpretations and embarrassing mistakes
o Maintain consistency throughout written work

We use a global network of experienced translators and proofreaders to evaluate your names and messages effectively and efficiently.