Turkish: translations

Who speaks Turkish?

Turkish belongs to the group of Altaic languages, forming part of the Uralic-Altaic language family. It is used by almost 83 million people worldwide. Turkish can be spoken in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, where it is the official language. There are also communities of Turkish speakers in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

History of the Turkish language

The Turkish language has been developed for about 1300 years. It first appeared in Anatolia in the 11th century when the Seljuks took control of that area. The Turkish language has many Persian and Arabic loanwords, which gradually began to disappear from it in the 19th century. Indigenous Turkish words took their place. This process was very extensive and developed rapidly, especially in the 20th century, during the reign of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Since 1928, the Turkish language has been written with the Turkish alphabet based on Latin letters.

Use of the Turkish language in business

The Turkish language will be useful for companies planning to expand into Turkey and Cyprus (the northern part). In this case, knowledge of the language is of utmost importance.

Turkish translators

Skrivanek Bulgaria provides professional translations of texts from and into Turkish. We cooperate with an experienced staff of translators specialized in various disciplines. We can provide both standard and certified translations. Our offer is addressed to companies from all sectors including: manufacturing, engineering, medicine, law and many others. We can translate an agreement from Turkish or translate company documents, invoices, catalogues, advertising slogans, reports, business correspondence, deeds, powers of attorney, forms and other materials, also classified. Our Turkish translators will not only ensure the accuracy of the translation, but also the effectiveness of the text, its appropriate style and adaptation to the cultural context, both in terms of the language itself and the country.

The most frequently placed orders for translations to and from Turkish:

standard and business translations to and from Turkish; express translations; certified translations; editing; localization; website translation into Turkish; DTP – graphic preparation of documents; interpreting from and into Turkish – simultaneous and consecutive.

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