Multilingual communication at your fingertips

Machine translation (MT) solutions are ideal for certain documents. Medicine, law and technology are areas where MT services are particularly useful due to large volumes of text with repetitive terms and phrases. When MT is used for appropriate texts, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and speed of translation are improved.

Google Translate has demonstrated to many people the general benefit of MT: easy access to fast translation, multilingual communication at the fingertips of the average person. But Google Translate also creates examples of the limitations of MT, sometimes producing texts that range from inaccurate to completely incomprehensible. The ideal machine translation would not only be “smarter” than Google, but used as just one tool in the toolbox of experienced linguists.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT), used with the linguistic skills of a professional language service provider, offers improved translation solutions. Skrivanek has developed in-house NMT technology that has been refined through use in the translation of thousands of pages. It has been worked on not only by Skrivanek’s language specialists, but also by scientists and experts from various fields. It is one of the tools in the work of experienced linguists.

We recommend its use when:

  1. you need to quickly translate an extremely voluminous text
  2. you cannot handle the translation project within the time available
  3. the proposed translation deadline is too long


  • Saved time – same day service. A document of 50 pages can be translated in one day by 3-5 translators. SKRIVANEK NMT takes only 2 hours.
  • Free translation sample – we offer automatic machine translation without subsequent editing for documents of several pages.
  • Information security and confidentiality – access to SKRIVANEK servers located in a secure location and have specially authorized staff. The data exchange between them has been tested repeatedly.
  • The cost compared to traditional translation is lower.
  • Possibility to combine machine translation with computer-assisted translation tools – CAT
  • Preserved text formatting (font, tables, colours, content)
  • The option of a customized NMT solution for the company, tailored to its specialization, is available.
  • Ability to improve translation quality (light and full version)


  • The solution is not designed for all sectors, file formats and texts. Ask our specialists to find out the details of your NMT project,
  • Some texts have nuances ( for example humor ) that are challenging for the system,
  • Some texts may lose fluency and corresponding wording.
  • In some cases, it is still possible to use Skrivanek NMT after some preliminary editing or preparation of the text or file.

Additional information

Subsequent editing is a review of an automatic machine translation performed by a native speaker or specialist in the field. We offer three types of post-editing services: raw, light and full post-editing (check post-editing services). 

Neural machine translation, or NMT, is a brand new development in the field of language technology. Neural machine translation relies on artificial neural network algorithms that, like the human brain, are able to analyze text at all linguistic levels: phonetically, lexically, morphologically, and syntactically, accurately detecting sentence boundaries and determining the need for capitalization. Such neural machine translation technologies are gaining popularity worldwide as they provide higher translation efficiency and better quality compared to earlier machine translation technologies.

The system translates 1200 words per second, which is equivalent to 5 standard pages. The time needed to prepare and finalize the project must be taken into account.

The answer to this question is in the answers to some other details. The quickest and most convenient way to find out is to contact our specialists who are always happy to explain whether NMT is right for your projects. If only an understanding of the general meaning of the text is required, then NMT is a perfectly acceptable form of translation. It is common to opt for raw NMT for some jobs and a full-service package including manual translation with proofreading etc for others. For a result equivalent to human translation, you may need a combination of NMT with full post-editing.

Machine translation and computer assisted translation are very different processes, the only thing they have in common is the use of a computer. In machine translation, a computer is used to generate the translation, whereas in computer-assisted translation, the translation is done by a human assisted by specialized software.

The cost depends on the expected delivery date, the file format, the number of words, the subject and any additional services you require. We evaluate each order on a case-by-case basis.