Language solutions here are based on the most demanding and uncompromising quality and deadline standards possible.

Every piece of information that enters the medical industry is checked multiple times to make sure it is accurate and unambiguous.

Medical texts are one of the most challenging types of translations to be done by certified professionals.
That’s why Skrivanek’s medical text translation team consists of doctors and people with advanced medical training, foreign language experience and excellent native language skills. When working with medical texts, the translators and editors are fully aware of the liability that will arise from inaccurate or negligent translations.

Skrivanek’s experts ensure accuracy and are strict about deadlines. We are ISO 27001, ISO 17100 and ISO 14001 certified. Furthermore, we guarantee that the information you entrust to us will not be disclosed to third parties. If you need translations of various marketing brochures, patient medical records, pharmaceutical research documentation and other written materials or if you are looking for interpreting as a service for conferences and other events, Skrivanek will be by your side for the best results. We pride ourselves on our collaboration with renowned medical and clinical companies and organisations.

We provide the following language solutions in all the most popular European languages:

  • Translation of medical documents (epicrises, clinical summaries, medical histories, laboratory tests, doctors’ opinions, etc.) and clinical studies;
  • translation of pharmaceutical documentation (drug descriptions, various forms of information for doctors and patients, quality control documentation, etc.);
  • translation of medical equipment documentation (operating instructions, equipment descriptions, etc.);
  • translation and localization of scientific articles and websites on the medical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • translation and formatting of drawings and layouts, including DTP
  • simultaneous or consecutive transtlation at conferences and seminars or in patient communication, and simultaneous sign language translation in patient communication;
  • and other language solutions you may need.
Contact us and we will take care of your translations.