Chinese language: translations

Who speaks Chinese?

In terms of the Chinese language, we usually mean a group of languages made up of several languages and dialects belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken by almost 1.5 billion people and is the native language for about one billion people. In the People’s Republic of China, people speak Mandarin. We can also communicate in it in Singapore. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations. Different varieties of Chinese can be used for communication in Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines without any problems.

History of the Chinese language

Chinese is probably the oldest language in the world used up to the present day. Chinese has been spoken for several thousand years. In its original form, it consisted of pictographic characters that evolved gradually. The present Chinese language derives directly from the Old Chinese language used from the 7th to the 10th centuries.

Use of Chinese in business

China is an economic power whose presence is becoming increasingly significant in many countries around the world, including Bulgaria. We are increasingly willing to visit this country for business reasons. It is no wonder that the role of the Chinese language on the international stage is constantly growing. For companies planning any activities in this geographical area, having Mandarin-speaking staff is absolutely essential.

Chinese language translators

Skrivanek Bulgaria provides professional translations of texts from and into Chinese. We collaborate with an experienced team of translators specialising in various disciplines. We can provide both standard and certified translations. Our offer is addressed to companies from all sectors including: manufacturing, engineering, medicine, law and many more. We can translate an agreement from Chinese or translate company documents, invoices, catalogues, advertising slogans, reports, business correspondence, deeds, powers of attorney, forms and other materials, also classified. Our Chinese translators will not only ensure the accuracy of the translation, but also the effectiveness of the text, its appropriate style and adaptation to the cultural context, both in terms of the language itself and the country.

The most frequently placed orders for translations to and from Chinese:

standard and business translations to and from Chinese; express translations; certified translations; editing; localization; website translation into Chinese; DTP – graphic preparation of documents; interpretation from and into Chinese – simultaneous and consecutive;

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