Moldovan language: translations

Skrivanek Bulgaria offers translations into Moldovan, done by translators with many years of experience in the sector and specialized knowledge in the required field (medicine, finance, law – depending on the client’s needs). While translating from Moldovan into Bulgarian and vice versa, the skilled translator accurately conveys the information contained in the material, maintaining consistency with the source text. Our experience guarantees your satisfaction with the translation. If you are looking for a professional who uses Moldovan, you have just found the right place – our offer includes comprehensive translation services from Bulgarian to Moldovan and from Moldovan to Bulgarian. We also offer translations from any language included in our offer into Moldovan and vice versa.

Who speaks Moldovan?

Approximately 2.5 million people use Moldovan worldwide.
For the vast majority of them, it is their native language. Moldovan belongs to the group of Romance languages (namely the Eastern Romance languages), forming part of the Indo-European language family. Moldovan is generally considered to be a dialect of Romanian, especially in Romania, where a large number of speakers of this language live. Moldovan will be particularly useful if you are planning to expand your business activities into the Moldovan, Romanian or Ukrainian markets. Users of the Moldovan language can be found in various regions of Ukraine. Immigrants from Moldova also live in the largest cities in Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

History of the Moldovan language

The Moldovan language first appeared in the Principality of Moldova in the mid-sixteenth century. Earlier, the Old Slavic language was used in these areas. The first texts to appear in Moldovan were the Bible (namely the Psalters Sheia, Voronet and Hurmuzaki). Another important work in the history of the Moldavian language is the Voronet Codex, which records the Moldavian-Romanian rotacism (the transition of certain sounds into the “rra” sound). One of the most important literary works written in Moldova is Hieroglyphic History by Dimitri Cantemir, the first novel written in Moldovan. Until 1860, Moldovan was written in Cyrillic. Then the transition to the Latin alphabet continued until the end of the 19th century.

Using Moldovan in business

Although the Moldovan language does not play a significant role on the international stage, knowledge of it can be very useful for doing business in Russia and Ukraine, while it is actually indispensable in Moldova and Romania.
Therefore, operating in this market, it is extremely important to take care of professional translations of all corporate materials into Moldovan, while in the case of importing goods or raw materials from the Moldovan market, it is worthwhile to carry out a professional translation from Moldovan into Bulgarian. It will definitely contribute to the success in the demanding international market.

Moldovan language translators

Skrivanek Bulgaria provides professional translations of texts from and into Moldovan. We cooperate with an experienced team of translators specialized in various disciplines. We can provide both standard and certified translations. Our offer is addressed to companies from all sectors, including: manufacturing, engineering, medicine, law and many others. We can translate an agreement from Moldovan or translate company documents, invoices, catalogues, advertising slogans, reports, business correspondence, deeds, powers of attorney, forms and other materials, also classified. Our Moldovan translators will not only ensure the accuracy of the translation, but also the effectiveness of the text, its appropriate style and adaptation to the cultural context, both in terms of the language itself and the country.

The most frequently placed orders for translations to and from Moldovan:

standard and business translations to and from Moldovan; express translations; certified translations; editing; localization; website translation into Moldovan; DTP – graphic preparation of documents; interpreting to and from Moldovan – simultaneous and consecutive.

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