Communication without language barriers

Interpreting is an extremely difficult task that only an experienced professional can handle. When conducting virtual international business meetings and negotiations, online training for foreigners, scientific conferences, etc., the contribution of an interpreter is invaluable. When conversations concern specialized fields such as finance, law, insurance, medicine, etc., his participation is a must.

The difficulties faced by organizers of online international events where the presence of interpreters is required can be overcome with our help. Skrivanek provides professional advice at every stage of preparation, we constantly monitor every development of events, and by providing high quality interpreting for meetings, we ensure their smooth running. We help prepare all the materials needed for the meeting, such as presentations, notes or additional chat conversations during the event.

With the help of web-based video conferencing software and web-based video messaging services, our interpreters can see the meeting participants and monitor the presentations shown to ensure seamless interpretation.
Depending on the client’s needs, the speaker’s or attendees’ statements can be interpreted on the fly or incrementally (the speaker waits until the interpreter has finished interpreting his or her statement).

We offer online interpreting services for:

  • online meetings
  • online presentations
  • online business negotiations
  • online business calls
  • interpreting at formal and informal meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • webinars


  • No need to rent and install interpreting equipment
  • All or some of the parties (interpreters, participants, speakers) can work remotely
  • Saving money (no need to pay travel costs, accommodation for interpreters or participants)
  • Easy to plan and organize, saves time
  • Any number of participants from different countries
  • Any number of languages for simultaneous communication
  • Easy distribution of documents, comments and surveys, screen sharing
  • Ability to join the meeting or conference via computer or mobile devices
  • Long experience and professional translators in 50 language combinations
  • Correct interpretation in selected languages and in specific areas of expertise
  • Delay-free, easy-to-use operation
  • Audio and video channels in HD, possibility to record the event.