We translate virtually all types and document formats into more than 45 languages. Send us a request and we will prepare a special offer for you.


Compliance with industry terminology is very important, so our translators have not only the education of philologists and the opportunity to use modern technological achievements, but also knowledge in the fields of medicine, law, energy and other specific areas.


Translation is important not only to translate words but also to translate the expressed idea into another language without losing your initial thought. We provide a fast process of document translation in cases where no specific knowledge is required in the industry.


Sworn translations are translations of documents made by a sworn translator, which are printed on official company templates, with the company stamp and signature of the translator verifying the translation authenticity. In case of official documents and legalisation sworn translation is a must.


Quality is our main priority! All orders undergo a special internal quality control!

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The dictionary is a factual database of terms
The terminology database is a list of terms and their correct translation correlates. It is created in order to preserve the terminological unity of the text. We offer our clients the construction of such a useful terminology dictionary, which we can constantly update.

Creating and maintaining a database of terms for a specific project or projects, which contains related in translation pairs words, phrases and concepts of the source and target language, is a complete process. The extraction of terminology from the source text is very different in duration and depends on the type of text, its form, its purpose. Approximately 4 to 8 pages of text can be processed in approximately 1 working hour. The amount of terms extracted cannot be predicted in advance.

Translation from target language to source
The service is a translation of already translated text in the opposite direction to the language of the original and a comparison of its possible deviation with the original. The purpose is to check the intelligibility of the translation. It is usually applied to special purpose documents, e.g. questionnaires, survey forms, presentations, commercials and the like, when information will be collected or a reaction based on translated texts will be expected.

We offer a typewritten service.

  • We will type the necessary text from the manuscript, without language restriction;
  • We will create an electronic document in the desired format;
  • We will print it as an official document;
  • We will comply with your requirements at any time.
  • We will download the desired text from an audio or video recording, without language restrictions;
  • We will provide it in the specified electronic format;
  • We will print it as an official document;
  • We will comply with the standard deadlines for this type of activity.

Transcreation is understood as adapting the marketing message from one language to another, while preserving the original idea. Often, where possible, completely different language or graphics tools or even different concepts are developed so that advertising in another cultural environment works exactly as it did in the originally planned market. Rely on full-time professionals for this! Our transcreators have professional and language skills to write text for advertising materials in another language. From their many years of experience, they know what cultural adaptations need to be made so that your product becomes a bestseller in the target market. We know which code of conduct, what social conventions must be observed in order to succeed in your target country.