Localization is a way to reach your customers in a foreign market!

Complex solutions are not a problem. You no longer have to worry, we will give you not only translation, but also assurance that the localized product or software is working properly.

The easiest way to access international clients is to translate your web pages.

The website has never been easier! Our specialists will provide optimal translation and localization solutions to make the website meet the needs and local characteristics of a region or market! Find out more.

Some parts of the user console or manuals may contain pictures, screenshots, and more. And they must be completely understandable. When localizing, we create the pictures – with the appropriate notes and markings.

We will translate the software or application of your device accurately to ensure that it complies with all specifics and conditions, including the correct format of time and date. The goal is for users to work with it in their native language, to be able to read all parts of the user console, to enter information in the local language with the local settings and keyboard layout. We provide the same functionality of the localized product as that of the original application, as well as the full compatibility of the product with local operating systems and hardware.

Localization of on-line help files
Part of the wide range of services is the localization of on-line help files in HLP or CHM formats, compiled from HTML or RTF files, possibly from DTP applications (eg FrameMaker) using applications such as RoboHelp, Webworks.

Localization of apparatus and equipmentWe offer localization of electronic devices and equipment for various fields of technology, such as medical equipment, construction equipment, office and mobile technologies and more. We locate commands and texts appearing on displays, as well as any type of accompanying documentation, so that they comply with all current local regulations and norms.

Quality recording in any language – our specialists will translate the file and after confirming the translation we will provide a professional end result in the form of an audio or video file.

Your website will be more competitive in a certain language! Our specialists provide the principles of SEO, so they will prepare AdWords texts according to the selected keywords and technical parameters.

Non-localized products impose a “consumption” tax on customers abroad:

If your company tries to attract lower-level customers or new customers to organizations, you’ll find that those new customers may not respond to your marketing messages or may not be able to use what you offer unless you offer them localized products and supporting information in their own language, adapted to their own environment and business practices. Whether they could (or would even try) to use your product depends on what the Common Sense Advisory calls the “the point tilting the localization balance “:

“The point tilting the localization balance” is the intersection at which adaptation becomes mandatory for a given market. Factors such as the educational level of consumers and business customers, the required level of compliance with the regulatory framework, as well as the cost of owning the product, make companies adapt individual products, services, marketing, sales systems, documentation, websites and other materials to specific market needs.

“The point tilting the balance” is not an absolute or constant quantity. It turns out that it varies according to the country, the individual product, the consumers – and even according to the sales channel. For example, shoppers may be more language-free when selling online than in the supermarket. This turning point also changes over time, so today’s decision not to localize the product may be wrong after six months – as consumer attitudes, competition and other external pressures never stand still. Advances deeper into retail channels and transnational supply chains are increasingly imposing on consumers products created in a single language that do not meet their needs or expectations.

The text is provided with the kind assistance of the leading consulting company “Commonsense advisory” www.commonsenseadvisory.com

Local, regional and better localized international competitors are taking market share at your expense; you suddenly register a loss of your market share; customers are beginning to traditionally use competing brands.

Localization costs

  • Translation and adaptation costs for marketing materials – printed matter, websites and advertisement
  • Engineering adjustments to adapt transactional and operating systems
  • Costs for translation and adaptation of user manuals, FAQs and other help materials available online
  • Costs for translation of the Q&A sections (FAQ); foreign language search engines; “Knowledge base”; diagnostics

Costs for option without localization

  • Limited impact of your marketing programs
  • Sales are limited to customers who freely use the original language
  • Bad reputation in terms of usability; trademark damage; and higher maintenance costs
  • Dissatisfied customers; expensive problem-solving procedures through telephone service centers
  • Comprehensive service: Our ability to combine language services with software engineering, the localization of User Guides and software development allows us to offer you comprehensive services – from the initial assessment to the final solution of your needs related to software localization.
  • Single contact point:: You only contact with the project manager throughout the localization process – from language translation to functional tests.
  • Adaptation to the target market: We adapt the content of software products to meet the needs related to cultural and national norms and customs. Multimedia applications may differ in terms of individual criteria – such as the color, size and shape of objects in certain countries (eg coins and banknotes, taxi companies, telephone booths, mailboxes, buses, etc.).
  • Saving money and time: We use translation memory systems that save a lot of money and time.
  • Quality guarantee: The order processing process is standardized and highly professional. The quality of our services is based on our extensive experience and is supported by a quality assurance system in accordance with the standards EN ISO 9001: 2008 from TÜV.