Croatian language: translations

Who speaks Croatian?

Croatian belongs to the group of Slavic languages forming part of the Indo-European language family. In total, about 7 million people speak this language. As is often the case with other languages, Croatian also has various dialects.
We can point to three dominant ones: Čakavian, Kajkavian and Škocava.  
Croatian is mainly spoken in Croatia. Outside its borders it is used in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Vojvodina.

History of the Croatian language

The first traces of Croatian come from the ninth century!
It originated from the so-called Old Slavonic language, which originally played a mainly religious role. The Old Slavic language gradually adapted to secular purposes and over time its Croatian variant took shape. By the 9th century, it was part of the Glagolitic alphabet, the oldest known Slavic script, created by Sts.
Cyril. Interestingly, by the 19th century Croatian was written with three different alphabets: Latin, Glagolitic and Croatian Cyrillic.

In the middle of the 16th century Croatian became a developed form of the language. 

Use of Croatian in business

Croatian is used in several countries, but they do not play a significant role on the international scene. Since Croatia has become known as one of the favorite holiday destinations of Bulgarians, Croatian can be used in the country’s relations with Bulgaria.

Croatian translators

Skrivanek Bulgaria provides professional translations of texts from Croatian into Bulgarian and from Bulgarian into Croatian. We cooperate with an experienced team of translators specialized in various disciplines. We can provide both standard and certified translations. Our offer is addressed to companies from all sectors, including: manufacturing, engineering, medicine, law and many others. We can translate an agreement from Croatian or translate company documents, invoices, catalogues, advertising slogans, reports, business correspondence, deeds, powers of attorney, forms and other materials, including classified ones. Our Croatian translators will not only ensure the accuracy of the translation, but also the effectiveness of the text, its appropriate style and adaptation to the cultural context, both in terms of the language itself and the country.

The most frequently placed orders for translations to and from Croatian:

standard and business translations to and from Croatian; express translations; certified translations; editing; localization; website translation into Croatian; DTP – graphic preparation of documents; interpreting to and from Croatian – simultaneous and consecutive;

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