Czech: translations

Who speaks Czech?

Czech belongs to the Indo-European language family and is part of the West Slavic language group. It is most closely related to Slovak and to a lesser extent to Polish and Kashubian. It is spoken by approximately 11 million people and for the vast majority of them it is their mother tongue. We can communicate in Czech practically only in the Czech Republic and in some regions of Slovakia. It is also worth noting that it is one of the official languages of the EU.

History of the Czech language

The Czech language originates directly from the Proto-Slavic language. In the 9th century, the Czechoslovak group was created by separation from the Western Slavs. The first written records in Czech are from the 12th century, and most of them are religious texts. Around the 14th century, in the period of the development of Great Moravia, the Czech language underwent a dynamic development. The situation continued until 1620, when the Czechs were defeated by the Habsburgs. Czech became the language of the common people. It was not until the 18th century that the Czech language was revived. In the 19th century the present literary language took shape.

Use of Czech in business

The Czech language is mainly used by the neighboring countries of the Czech Republic. Knowledge of the language would be very useful for business development, both in the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries.
The use of the Czech language would certainly facilitate achieving faster success in this market. In the international arena, Czech does not play a significant role.

Czech translators

Skrivanek Bulgaria provides professional translations from Czech into Bulgarian and from Bulgarian into Czech.
We can provide both standard and certified translations.
Our offer is addressed to companies from all sectors (including specialized sectors: industrial, technical, medical, legal and many others). We can translate an agreement from Czech or translate company documents, invoices, catalogues, advertising slogans, reports, business correspondence, deeds, powers of attorney, forms and other materials, also classified. Our Czech translators will not only ensure the accuracy of the translation, but also the effectiveness of the text, its appropriate style and adaptation to the cultural context, both in terms of the language itself and the country.

The most frequently placed orders for translations to and from Czech:

standard and business translations to and from Czech; express translations; certified translations; editing; localization; website translation into Czech; DTP – graphic preparation of documents; interpretation from and into Czech – simultaneous and consecutive.

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