Sworn translations

Translations by a sworn translator and legalization of official documents!

Translations by Sworn Translator

When translating official documents, the certification of the translation is mandatory. Sworn translations are translations of documents made by a sworn translator, which are printed on official company templates, with the company stamp and signature of the translator verifying the translation authenticity.

Sworn translations are different from legalized translations.

Legalized translations

The legalization procedure includes:

  • Translation of the documents by sworn translator;
  • their submission to the relevant institution,
  • certification of the original document in the ministries whose seals are required;
  • payment of all necessary fees;
  • the translation is “attached” to the certified document;
  • is certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thus, the document is already valid for presentation to the authorities of the respective country.

Delivery deadlines are adjusted according to the deadlines of the certifying institutions.

Call us to get complete information about the rules for legalization and sworn translation, the types of documents and which documents in what form should be formatted (original, copy, etc.), as well as whether you need legalization of the document or only a sworn translation. We will advise you on documents intended for use in Bulgaria and documents intended for abroad.