CAT software

When translating we use CAT – (Computer-Assisted Translation) programs. These are translation database programmes, aimed at professional translators, and not machine translation software.

Three advantages of CAT tools:

  • Translation memory:If sentences are repeated throughout the text (100% repetition or partial repetition), the CAT programme recognises these segments and suggests the already existing translation. This makes the translation process quicker and cheaper. The charge for repeated segments is significantly lower.
  • Terminology database:the programme ensures consistency of terminology, especially when large volume projects are concerned, or in case of more than one translator working on a project.
  • Quicker and cheaper:simpler translation of manuals, instructions, web pages, XML and SGML documents, DTP files (Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Quicksilver, etc.). This approach saves money when transforming the text into HTML format or preparing it for DTP.

We would be glad to create translation memory and glossary for you. We can create translation memories from older translations where CAT tools were not used.